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Fiberglass Frames

Fiberglass is produced by a process called pultrusion and it is an excellent lightweight material that is surprisingly strong and resistant to compression.

Fiberglass framing is more expensive than wood or vinyl, however, the cost associated is well worth it for many homeowners.  The inherent strength and resilience of fiberglass framing itself; not only provides the greatest possible protection against strong wind, it also ensures that thieves and burglars will have immense difficulty if attempting to enter your home through a fiberglass framed window.

Fiberglass framing is not only resistant to moisture and condensation, but because of its nature, weatherstripping liners and epoxy type of adhesives that keep panes airtight and in place have the longest life expectancy.

Fiberglass framing options offered by our company come in a variety of colors and shades, including many that are designed to mimic authentic wood grain. Our fiberglass framing won’t lose its resilience over time, as is the case with some vinyls, won’t have to be maintained, or possibly suffer from heat and cold induced expansion/contraction issues as can wood, and are lighter than most composite framing options, which equates to easier installation.


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