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Awning Windows in Atlanta, GA

An awning window is one that features a hinge at the top, and is designed so that the bottom portion opens away from the building or dwelling for a sleek and distinctive look. Awning windows are high in terms of functionality, and in comparison to models that operate by sliding open, are far more energy efficient.  Awning windows can be opened and used even during a heavy downpour; their hinges are designed so that no water will enter and saturate the countertops of your kitchen or create a hard to clean mess upon your floor.

They are excellent for humid bathrooms because of their ease of function and quick ability to disperse the steamy remnants of a hot shower, and are also a highly regarded choice for kitchen replacements because of the ventilation.

Awning windows, due to the diagonal manner in which the sash sits when cranked open, allow for an increased amount of wind or breeze to enter your home in comparison to other styles as well. Also, when considering what type of replacement window is ideal for your individual needs, remember that an awning window is best suited to areas where the horizontal space is greater than the vertical.

Awning Windows


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