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Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are an excellent option, not only because of their durability and ease of operation, but also because they are easy to clean and maintain year round with minimal elbow grease.

Vinyl is one of the top three most produced polymers, for this reason alone, it is a low cost and frequently used synthetic framing material.  Vinyl framing is durable and long lasting, does not easily allow for the formation of condensation, and is an excellent insulator.

Our aerodynamic design allows water to cascade off with ease, keeping the exterior frames with a factory fresh look, and allowing the panes themselves to stay bright and transparent. Vinyl is the most cost-effective option amongst the various framing materials, and usually ends up being around half the cost of wood or composite framing options.

As a framing material, vinyl is highly energy efficient, because of the intricate lattice or chambered honeycomb-like inner design. Most newer styles are quite sturdy and super resistant to discoloration as well, modern additives specific to our vinyl window frames ensure that your framing will be protected against the most glaring ultraviolet light emitted by the sun on sweltering summer days.

Vinyl options are not only inherently resistant to impact and dry rot type deterioration, they also come in many styles and colors as well. Many are manufactured specifically to look like wood frames, so in an instance where just one window needs to be replaced, matching the existing style frames of existing windows is no problem.


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