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Bay and Bow Windows in Atlanta, GA

Bay or Bow windows are an excellent replacement option and have the added advantage of adding a bit of space to a room; the bit of protrusion from the house itself can be used as a comfortable space to sit and read a novel, or perhaps as a quite space to just sit and think.

If the window sits flush with the ground, a Bay or Bow window design offers an expansive space that can accommodate an addition to the room like a piano or perhaps a comfortable recliner, perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

Typically, a Bay window set up is a three-window combination, usually two single-hung windows on the sides with a stationary picturesque style window in the center, coming together at thirty degree angles to form an obtuse or elongated U shape.

Bow windows are of a similar design, but usually consist of four to five windows, but in general, the window styles are all either single- or double-hung and picturesque styles. Bow style setups also have the advantage of being able to be placed on the corner of a home, which offers a Victorian feel, and allows for a vastly greater viewing area.

Bay or Bow style replacements feature the benefit of letting a great deal more daylight enter a room.

Bay & Bow Windows


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