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Composite Frames

Composite framing is similar to traditional wood framing, and is usually constructed of finely ground wood particles mixed with various synthetic resinous laminates and additives designed to deter decay and mold. Composite framing options offer superior thermal and insulating properties in comparison with standard natural wooden choices.

Some types of composite framing materials consisting of reclaimed wood composites are quite popular with those individuals who are big on recycling and taking care of the natural resources that Mother Nature has provided to us.  Other composites are a mix of aluminum exterior and standard wood innards that are fused together with an epoxy based glue.

Composites constructed from high grade aluminum and wood offer excellent thermal resistance without the upkeep required of pure timber framing. The aluminum will not corrode or fade, and the aluminums propensity to absorb heat is cancelled by the natural thermal resistance of the solid wood core.

In terms of stability and strength offered to the window itself, composites surpass other materials by far, and thus less framing material is required, which means there is more space available for the glass panes.

Composites are amongst the most expensive framing option we offer, but also have properties that lead to the greatest insulating ability, and require no maintenance or labor intensive upkeep.


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