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Garden Windows in Atlanta, GA

Garden windows extend the room itself, in a manner similar to a bay style window. They have a special characteristic, however, which is the glass paneling that forms the roof of the garden windows construction. This is a selling point for many, because the top panes create a skylight effect, ideal for letting the sun brighten your room, or even for gazing upwards at the natural beauty of the stars on clear nights.

Our top of the line garden windows feature a thin frame design to maximize the amount of pane in each garden window, allowing for enhanced views of your surroundings.  They feature four sashes in a square box like manner, with the two smaller casement style windows being movable to allow for ventilation.

The smaller casement style windows feature our durable mesh screening as well.  Garden style windows are ideal for those who want to keep a few flowers or small plants upon their sill year round, adding a vibrant and miniature greenhouse to your kitchen, office, or dining room area.

For those who want to employ a garden window to proudly display their plant life, or for those who want to increase their storage space, we offer garden windows with a variety of shelving options.

Due to the ample amount of increased sun light that will flood into any area modified with our garden replacement windows, unhealthy reliance on overhead electric lighting can be avoided, and money will be saved.

Garden Windows


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