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Wood Frames

Even though we will in a time of ever abundant scientific improvement, wood framing options for windows are still the go to for most homeowners and businesses. It is true that they require occasional maintenance, but many proud homeowners relish the task of caring for the wooden window frames of their homes.

When cared for properly, wood frames will easily last for at least 20 years.  They offer better insulation in comparison to aluminum, and are considered the more attractive and natural option when compared with composite or fiberglass.

Wood isn’t prone to allow excess condensation to form, is lightweight, and doesn’t conduct excess heat or cold during the temperature fluctuations of the winter and summer.

Wood framing offers a warm feel to a home, is strong and yet still flexible, and can be milled or altered to offer an appearance well suited to any style dwelling.  Wood can change from color to color with the addition of stains or paints which is beneficial for homeowners who have a specific design in mind.   Wood windows continue to become more and more sought after, especially because of the ever-increasing trends to use eco-friendly and sustainable building materials.


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